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Talisman Plants the (checkered) Flag to Optimize Sports Data Marketing

Harnessing the power of sports data all the way to the finishing line.

  • The Talisman Agency aims to be the first sports marketing agency to harness data all the way to the finish line, optimizing both team performance and fan engagement.

  • TechHQ spoke with new Talisman chairman, Adrian Jones, on how emerging tech is changing the playing field for sports teams.

  • Singapore-based Talisman is a leading sports marketing outfit, bringing innovation and technology to sports, entertainment, and gaming, via innovative partnerships, activations, and data-driven thinking.

2020 was a year where the fundamental operational methods of the entire commercial sports ecosystem – sports teams, their parent organizations, fans, brands that connect with a sporting audience – had to be reexamined. As we enter 2021, stadiums are slowly filling again and season ticket holders are cautiously optimistic, but thus far the only guarantee is that the majority of your favorite sports broadcasts probably have a digital streaming alternative, possibly equipped with some form of digitized fan engagement component like live chats or augmented reality to make the broadcast more interactive.


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