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Off to the races - Talisman Steers Data Intelligence to Hyper-commercialize Sports, starting with F1

The Talisman Agency aims to be the first sports marketing agency to harness data all the way to the finish line.

  • Tech Wire Asia spoke with new Talisman chairman, Adrian Jones, on how emerging tech is changing the playing field for sports teams

  • Singapore-based Talisman is a leading sports marketing outfit, bringing innovation and technology to sports, entertainment, and gaming, via innovative partnerships, activations, and data-driven thinking

After a year that threw everything, everyone, their plans and any season tickets for a loop, sports and the ways in which the billions of individuals that watched and participated in them worldwide were fundamentally altered. A knock-on effect of global events conspired to subvert the expectations of fans, players, teams and sporting organizations for virtually an entire sports season.

“Virtual” became the operative word for both sports consumers and the brands showcasing their favorite athletes. Empty or socially-distanced stadiums meant sports teams had to double down on the digital streaming and immersive fan experience platforms to keep competition-hungry viewers engaged for their sporting fix.


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