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24 Hours with Dharpan Randhawa

In this 24 hours with, Dharpan Randhawa of McLaren balances exercise, with family life and living an ‘inbox-zero’ life – not an easy task when your responsibilities stretch across a continent.

When I’m not traveling 200 days a year, this is what a typical day for me in Singapore looks like.

5:30: Body clock kicks in and I’m up.

5:45: Check on emails & Whatsapp messages that have come in overnight from UK team.

6:00: 6km run. This relaxes my mind and gives me the opportunity to catch up on my latest podcasts. Right now I’m really enjoying the Tim Ferris Show.

7:00: Sit down to breakfast with the girls – four and 10 years old. This is an important time as it allows us to discuss their day ahead, signing slips and also generally catching up on stuff.

7:30: Say goodbye to the girls and play with baby-boy (10 months old) for a few minutes before heading upstairs to my office.

7:45: From this point onward, I try to punch out most of my emails for the day. It’s when my mind is the sharpest and energy levels are high. Any proposals, strategy emails, numbers etc are all worked on now.


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